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I am having my little notepad actually, being fixed.  It should be too me sooon!!!  It was so handy to grab it in bed and post here, or on the couch, or at my studio.  Now I have to wait for my husband to get off his computer so I can write. Oh boo hoo.

Enough of that… Let’s see, what have I been doing of late?  Doodling and making scratch marks towards a new book.  No, not the great American novel, but a retrospective of all my Lab art.  And Studio news?   Well I am working on this Lab painting.  I posted my first blog on my website about Niche marketing.  I established  myself as one 12 years ago and have a great following. Now though, I am finding it hard to jump out of that.  So, I have embraced my Lab-dom-ness…yes, that is a good word , and will continue with Labs and when I do plein aire? well you will see Labs in it!!!

I also have a newsletter on my site  www.sheilawedegis.com   So please feel free to sign up.  Up to date pics and news. Really!!! LOL


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Since the last time I wrote I took Sophie to the vets for what I thought was a sore foot.  She had jumped out of the back of my jeep and I thought for sure that was the problem. Same time frame as our Chocolate Lab Fergus’s diagnosis of a brain tumor last year. Sophie has Melanoma at the back of her gums. Prognosis? 2 to 6 months. 2 months would be right about when we lost Fergus last year. 

I wonder what the Universe has for us. Sophie is my Muse, the reason I paint Labs. What do I do when she goes? After the torrent of tears I stopped and needed to be her “mum”. She’s here doing well. I take her to my studio daily which she loves to do. 

We had an article written this past week about us which was fun. It.s about Sophie!  


My goals? Now, to become a damn good plein air artist, get rid of all the “stuff”, buy an RV and travel with Roger, Sammy and Ozzie. I’ll still do Lab and dog commissions but I’m feeling a change coming on.

We have a goal of a year.  So I guess this blog now will be the daily paintings and ruminations of getting ready to live a simple life and painting my way across America. 

When we moved to Florida, we had no jobs, no savings. Just enough after the sale of our condo to buy this house. Roger got a job on the last day of the month and our first mortgage payment was due. With everyone else, the economy going down took us with it putting our house underwater.  Fergus illness last year set us back a bit more but we always believe that the Universe (God) gives us what we need when we need it.  

So we “put it out there” and I have new students coming for classes and a commission to paint a mural in a bathroom.  It’s in the works! We just have to keep the faith. Now I understand what my mother meant. 

I search and research RV’s every day. We have no savings, no retirement, so the Universe has it’s work cut out. LOL. Do I believe we can do this..YES!!!

If you have any input let me know. 

Back to read about living a free life on the road!!!! 

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Sophie is sound asleep on her bed and snoring to beat the band. Heck..she is the band.

Today was exciting. I chatted on Facebook with Terese who owns and runs the B&B in Scotland that we go to when we visit. I asked her about a Vacation workshop that I would love to do in 2013 and could we stay there. She loves the idea and had even more thoughts of what we could do as a group. One being going to an island where Prince Charles paints for a day of painting.  That alone has me just beside myself.  If you or any one you know would like to come along, I think a group of 8 would be fun, let me know.  Her B&B is down the road abit from Castle Mey.   I’m going this May to visit friends and paint, find fun places.

Painting, not a bit today. I was out back at 6:30am having coffee in the quiet of the morning.  It was wonderful.  Asleep on the couch from 8 to 10..then out to breakfast with Roger.  Horror movies on TV with the Labs for the afternoon, then pizza and Roger for the night. Now to sleep with Sammy and Ozzie cuddling close by.  Soon Roger will join us and harmonize with Sophie in the Snoring Symphony, so I’m closing my laptop and eyes and I’ll see you outback at 6:30 am!!

Warmly, Sheila

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Seems comical since I haven’t really had a chance to even think of marketing since Fergus became ill.

I have talked with a friend in North Carolina about doing a workshop, so that’s in the making.  Then…today I just did it. I love  teaching and I love to travel. After being in Scotland this past May and falling in love with the Highlands I’ve been planning on returning this coming May.

Wouldn’t it be fun to do a workshop there.  Thank God for Google.

I found the Caithness Arts page and emailed them about my plans. Now waiting!!!!

Fergus had his check up today and his acupuncture treatment. Our vet was pleased with his progress.  Fergus still has a ways to go but it’s progress.  We’re down to half a tab of prednisone every other day.  Working now with the Chinese medicine and building his immune system back up. Today with the needles he had a slight reaction. The Dr said it was a good sign and that the phlegm in his body is breaking up.


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My days are Fergus.  I have been creating a fun book for my daughter. Simple drawings of my life through the years with simple words telling of my feelings in those years.  Laughter, painting, dancing,etc.

Maybe I’ll let you take a peek when I’m finished.

Thinking of returning to Scotland.  Wonder if I could do a workshop there? Now that would be a hoot.

Short Ruminations…but tomorrow in the morning I am going to Cocoa Beach twatch my grandson surf.  And on the way there call a friend. Simple things I did all the time now have taken on a new meaning.  The wanting to speak with that friend. A nice lesson that Fergus is teaching me.


Warmly, Sheila

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Lets see, today I was busy busy.  Got my hair done which is an uplifting  experience then had to travel across to beachside to sign a document. Back over to the post office and by then I was starving. Got home and had a cheese sandwich and water, and three heads with eyes staring at me.  Do you know even when I go to a restaurant I save pieces for the kids just out of habit.  sigh

Chatted with my friend Carolyne in Scotland on Skype. If you don’t have Skype, do find it.  It’s fantastic to have a video call and talk to your friends that live far away. It’s refreshing and so good for the soul.  (Even if I do sit there and fix my hair every two seconds.) Oh Vanity!!!

I have been working on my 12″ x 9″ painting of the horse in the fields. Yesterday I feel I messed it royally so today I went over the horse in white pencil to get the proportions and the feel of his bones nd muscle structure.  Tomorrow I feel confident that the painting process will be successful. I want it vibrant in the green grass and growth and the horse to reflect the sunset. I have to say the colors in Scotland in the night hours are incredible. At 10pm I still could see patches of blue sky.

Well off for a cuppa then to read and bed. The Labs are all circling in our bed. Time to claim a spot.  Have a great night and see you tomorrow., Warmly, Sheila




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So I played with the sheep painting  that I thought had the uglies yesterday and it still has the uglies. It is definitely one that needs to be done in oils or acrylic and large.

As you can see I cropped the painting. He really irked me just standing center stage so to speak. I used colored pencils and watercolor pencils.  I also did a red wash over the entire piece to bring everything together. I will say he was a very different looking sheep from what we are accustomed to here. Maybe I can use that as an excuse. Haha.

Roger and I loaded the kayaks up into the van this morning and headed to the entrance to Turkey Creek.  Other kayakers were finishing as we approached.  I didn’t bring painting equipment today since it was a new area and my only concern was not to fall over into the water getting in the kayak.  I made it!!  Kayaking for 25 minutes sheds 100 calories.  We went for 2 and 1/2 hours and note to self, sunscreen. I’m a little toasted this evening, but thinner!!

We saw three manatees. They are like huge dogs. They are called cows, but one time we were able to reach down and pet them and they roll over on their backs to get scratched.  Just amazing.

Being in the fresh air, the silence except for nature sound was so exhilarating and renewing. I so needed that.  I had been feeling lost since returning from Scotland and just edged into a depression but today on the water I felt so much better.  In the morning we will go again then I will paint in the afternoon with a new spirit.  Aye..I will!
Have a great night and chat tomorrow. Warmly, Sheila

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