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She is still with me but I’m planning ahead. My Muse.

So I mentioned that my goal is to unload everything, buy a 5th wheel, pack up and paint America. I’ve got it into the Universe and I just believe it’s all working. (just wish it would go faster)

We have a hurricane going up the west side of us but the bands are dumping rain and wind where we are. It’s a good day to cuddle  the coach and figure out new marketing ideas and work on the two books I need to finish from my other two projects. One is The Project of a Lifetime…(taking a lifetime) and the other our Labraventure to Scotland last year. That is the one I concentrated on today.

I started a Club for my Painting Across America art. It will be at the start mostly from Florida and South and North Carolina but hey, that is a start. Here is the deal.  For 1 year I am offering to members 30% off any paintings regardless of size. Members will also receive, each month, one small painting from my series. They usually are 6×8 or 5×7. Easy to frame. Then personal updates on what’s happening and what I am working on. The skinny!!! How much?? zillions??? Nope…All this for a year for $50.00.

How can you sign up?? Easy.. JOIN NOW!!!  Contact me…couldn’t get the paypal thing to show up. grrr  sophie@palm-spirit.com

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We recently found a great RV place near us. Larry, the owner, finds used RV’s of all sorts, refurbishes them and sells them at reasonable prices.

Today we went to look at Class C, truck and living all in one ,and 5th wheels, a long large rig pulled by a truck.  It was great going in them all. One 5th wheel rig was about 37′ long but had everything one could want. Stairs to the bedroom, washer/dryer, queen size bed with closets and bureaus. Oh..shower!!!!  “Downstairs” had a couch, two comfy recliners, a great kitchen and loads of windows.  We did find out a lot of state parks would not let us in. Too long.

Class C vehicles were really nice but with Labs not enough room.  At least for us.  I need a space to sit and work or chill.  So we then looked at a 33′ rig. The layout  was interesting. Bedroom in front and “upstairs” then the living area with kitchen. In the back there was another room with a door that could be a room for company or a computer area.  I think I really like an open concept.

As we were leaving, Larry said he’d really like to see my artwork and,or, have it hanging for sale in his office. LIGHTBULB moment.

I came home and  got “paintingacrossAmerica.com” as my domain name and now trying to figure out how to do a new blog here with that domain and put art up as we go..or prepare..to go.  I will admit it’s scary to think we wouldn’t have a solid “house” but then the other side is, no lawn to mow, I could still have flowers, no outrageous repairs, but we will have some, no pool to keep clean, we’ll have mountain streams and rivers…crazy neighbors?? we can drive away.

Larry’s business is booming. Hmm. I think the baby boomer generation has decided to finally “drop out” and enjoy once more what we thought life would be like. I’m excited.

I’ll let you know when I get the new blog going…of course it will be small Florida paintings to start..lol…

Before I go..I have been doing acrylic painting again since I have more students coming to my studio. This is an 18 x18 . Hope you like it.

$725.00 framed   Contact me at sophie@palm-spirit.com   Shipping included.

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Paper towels out the door then shredded, brushes chewed at the ends, a canvas with a huge puppy foot imbedded in it. EGADS!
I started back on ebay again selling works that have been here for over two years. Mostly Rescue work.  I put them on for next to nothing and in one day made close to $500.00. Now rethinking ebay and maybe just doing a series just for (shhhh. the money) I always do my best work so people will get a good painting and I’ll get out of debt and save for Scotland in May.!  Look for me on ebay as sophie316.

Keeping up with my painting a day..no so much this poor blog.  I;m writing everything down in a new leather bound, lime green, spiral notebook.  I’m actually keeping up with that. I even have a section entitled “Remember”  Having ADHD has it’s bonus moments. Great ideas flood in non stop, the down side??, shiny objects !  I’m easily distracted and lose my way.  So the new Lime green leather note book, and, new gel pen is working it’s magic.



DAY #9.


Have a great night!!! Warmly, Sheila


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Just laying there, snuggled under covers and a Lab curled up on my legs. That’s when it hit me, I forgot my blog.  I had been so excited to do three in a row because as you may or not know, for someone with ADHD, everything after that is usually forgotten.  sigh.

But on the happier side I an show you two paintings!!!


yes..day 5 was done previous. Long day.

Fun one tomorrow!   Warmly, Sheila


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Wow!!!! Day 1. Now what. What can I do to keep my art in front of the people, fun art, easily purchasable. (If that’s a word) affordable and my Passion stays alive as well as my business?

I chatted with friends, other artists today who are also feeling the crunch.  I’ve tried 9-5 jobs and always ended up leaving or being let go. I chose jobs that I   could be the best at in the least amount of time then became bored, then angry because I wasn’t doing art.  It’s similar to an addict I would think.  You  HAVE to paint or do something creative.

So today I started The 325 Paintings Goal of 2012.  Sat myself down and painted a 6″x8″ panel ,started a new blog then posted it.  The sized will range from 6×8 to 6×6, 4×6, and 5 x7. They will be different subject matter or just Labs depending on my mood. The price will be 100.00 and free shipping to anywhere in the world. I’m excited and nervous.  With ADHD I have a tough time completing things and this will take focus.  If you believe in me CLAP!!!  (Shades of Peter Pan)

Anyway, here is the first of 365 and now 364 to go

6″ x 8″ acrylic on RayMar canvas panel. To find this you can go to:


Now let’s see if I can post everyday. 🙂

Happy New Year!!!! The very best is yet to come.

Warmly, Sheila

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As if we needed extra energy with Sammy and Ozzie. Holy cow. I’m on the couch, feet up on the ottoman trying to drink my morning coffee and Oz and Sammy are zooming back and forth. First outside in a mad dash, wrestle, then fly back in, jumping onto the red chaise sending it sidewards sliding on the tile floor.  They do it in silence which always amazes me.

Growing up I always dreamed of this beautiful house with huge windows, flowing curtains and white furniture.  Of course Labradors weren’t in that dream then.  We had a Cocker Spaniel .   And now, needless to say, we do not have long flowing curtains nor white furniture.  Within seconds my white shirts


Needless to say I was thrilled when this one sold right away.  Sammy and Ozzie. 25% of the sale went to Labs4Rescue, the organization that we adopted Ozzie from.


Oh yes, it’s Ozzie.  He’s all arms and legs, sliding under the bushes.  Life Lesson of the day….we need to live life like a Lab!!!!

This piece can be found on my blog. http://www.sheilawedegis.blogspot.com

And just so you know, I wouldn’t change a thing for white furniture!!

Warmly, Sheila





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Why are my Mondays exhausting? You’d think I was out partying all weekend.  Maybe it’s because Ozzie needs to go out three times and then get up at 5:30 am.  Tuesday just seems to flow better. Not that anything has changed with the Oz, just maybe Tuesday sounds better to me than Monday.

Off to the art store I went this morning and to Marshalls to look for a pair of boots.  Saturday night is Roger’s Christmas party and again this year it’s being held on a boat. A three hour cruise on the river with dancing and dinner. Last year we froze.  I only have open toe shoes and I’m thinking that may not work.  Every boot seems to have the 3 inch heel. Some 4″. Really?? I’m 5’10”.  I’ll look again maybe Saturday morning.  Roger suggested I wear the boots I wore to Scotland. HIKING boots??? ahhh..I don’t think they will go with dress pants.  It will be a curiosity to see what I end up wearing.

Started a new painting today late in the afternoon. I still have two commissions to finish but I just so needed to paint something just for me.


This is the beginning stages of an acrylic 6×9 painting.  Just blocking in the color, adding some dark areas and working with the light.  It will be fun to see how it comes out tomorrow.

Ok..Ozzie is asleep, Sammy now sleeps on the couch so he can have a good nights rest, helloooo,  and Sophie is on her bed snoring. I’;m going to play a hidden object game on my Kindle Fire then go to sleep before Roger comes in and takes up 3/4 ‘s of the bed.

Warmly, Sheila

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