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I am having my little notepad actually, being fixed.  It should be too me sooon!!!  It was so handy to grab it in bed and post here, or on the couch, or at my studio.  Now I have to wait for my husband to get off his computer so I can write. Oh boo hoo.

Enough of that… Let’s see, what have I been doing of late?  Doodling and making scratch marks towards a new book.  No, not the great American novel, but a retrospective of all my Lab art.  And Studio news?   Well I am working on this Lab painting.  I posted my first blog on my website about Niche marketing.  I established  myself as one 12 years ago and have a great following. Now though, I am finding it hard to jump out of that.  So, I have embraced my Lab-dom-ness…yes, that is a good word , and will continue with Labs and when I do plein aire? well you will see Labs in it!!!

I also have a newsletter on my site  www.sheilawedegis.com   So please feel free to sign up.  Up to date pics and news. Really!!! LOL


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Finally, I’m getting a rhythm to my day.  I am actually fitting in commissions, playing with Labs, creating new work and..resting.  Could it really be all this easy??

I finished a portrait of a baby. I may have mentioned I actually painted it up side down so I would see just space and form.  The Mum loves it and plans to give it as a gift for Christmas to Dad.

Gemma. She lives in Germany and I’m pleased how she came out.

My next fun thing today was my experimental work with collage and Acrylic paint. I also add fabric gel.  The final look is that it all seems to be paper.

If I find where I placed my battery charger for my camera I’ll take a better photo of this.  It is 28″ x 24″ on 1/2″ plywood.  I gesso the board to seal it first then do my drawing.  I’ll paint paper with acrylic paint in the tones I will be using then just have fun.  Let me know what you think.  I may also seal this with resin and maybe see how it would fair as my first outdoor art piece. hmm. Let you know.

Ozzie is alseep, Sammy too so I’ll do my scrabble game then off to sleep!

Warmly, Sheila

PS, Sophie is in the other room waiting for Roger. She will paw at his office door til he comes to bed. 🙂



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I am celebrating Ozzie this week by painting small acrylic pieces on watercolor paper and putting them for auction on my facebook page.


The starting bid is $49.00. I’m excited about this, small ,affordable and well painted art pieces. Yesterdays painting was won by a fellow artist whose work I love. Kimberly Santini. I often call her my mentor.


Here is the one that sold yesterday.

The one on auction now is;

It will be fun to see how I celebrate Ozzie next!!!  Have a great night,

Warmly, Sheila

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Seems comical since I haven’t really had a chance to even think of marketing since Fergus became ill.

I have talked with a friend in North Carolina about doing a workshop, so that’s in the making.  Then…today I just did it. I love  teaching and I love to travel. After being in Scotland this past May and falling in love with the Highlands I’ve been planning on returning this coming May.

Wouldn’t it be fun to do a workshop there.  Thank God for Google.

I found the Caithness Arts page and emailed them about my plans. Now waiting!!!!

Fergus had his check up today and his acupuncture treatment. Our vet was pleased with his progress.  Fergus still has a ways to go but it’s progress.  We’re down to half a tab of prednisone every other day.  Working now with the Chinese medicine and building his immune system back up. Today with the needles he had a slight reaction. The Dr said it was a good sign and that the phlegm in his body is breaking up.


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Fergus has now seen  the Chinese Herbalist Doctor at Animal Medical Clinic. He had his first acupuncture session and wow what energy after.  The thought of brain tumor is now the norm but in Chinese terms it’s considered Phlegm. Now the herbs, the formulas, Reiki and Accupuncture will perform their healing ways upon him.

Getting ready for bed.

I sit beside Fergus during the days so I have started to work on a series of paper collage Labrador pieces. Oh Divine Balls.

If you are interested go to my blog site  http://www.sheilawedegis.blogspot.com

#1 in the series. So very fun.

See you tomorrow. Warmly, Sheila

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Just a small piece, 6″ square for my eBay friends.  It’s where I started out to get a following of collectors.  Now with Fergus needing medications and a new Jeep to gas up I guess I’ll do a line again for eBay. Or at least til I get aggravated with the whole thing again.  I allow that little ego guy to pop in on my shoulder.  Why shouldn’t  people be able to buy art at reasonable prices?  I paint because I have to.  No, not for income,but for sanity, for love.  I go to places that are serene and time stops.  Its my passion.

Finished the horse [painting I have been working on. Really pleased with the color and design. Hope you like it. Feel free to comment. I’d love to hear from you!!!

Warmly, Sheila

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   Ibelong to an online Gallery. Fine Art America. One can upload their artwork photos and put in the price they wish to sell it for. Choices include  prints on canvas and on paper. For a small $30.00 a year FAA will print  and ship or if the customer wishes, mat and fame the piece.  You will get a perccentage of those services.  It’s a fantastic opportunity but of course one must constantly be marketing.  I have done ok but I could do better with a little bit more savy.  I’ll work on it.

   Yesterday I recieved email from FAA saying I had 4 orders in.  Two of these had to be reshot by me due to blurry edges before they could produce the prints.  Well, both originals had been sold already so now what was I t o do.  On one image I had a large print so I reshot it with our new Canon D60.  I uploaded the image  and FAA emailed to say it would be ok because the customer just wanted a card of that one. Whew. The other image was called “Snow Boy”. A black Lab in the snow, his snout totally covered in the white cold substance. LOL

   Well I aim to please so todayI repainted ‘Snow Boy ‘in Golden Open Acrylics.   I didn’t  need it dry to photograph and I was thrilled with the resolution. 

    The end of the day and time for sleep. All is well with the art world here tonight.  Warmly, Sheila

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