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It took almost two years to recover from losing my Sophie. Who knew? About 5 months ago an artist friend asked if I was ready to take on a new dog. Dee had Lola and Lola was carrying around the tiny old dog that lived in the house and Dee was afraid Lola would hurt him. I said we’d try her out and bring her over.


Please meet Lola!!! One year old Newfoundland and quite a handful. She makes me laugh daily and made me realize how empty I had felt from loosing my Muse.  Lola gets along well with the boys, Sammy and Ozzie so life is good. Noisy at times, but good.

I’ve been doing plein air and studio paintings. You can see at http://www.sheilawedegis.com .  Then last July we traveled back to Scotland and now…(building up for the big news).. I’ll be starting a new blog about us preparing to sell everything in our house, but an RV and travel the country with Hubby, dogs and paints!! It will be “Painting Across America” . Hopefully I can get it up and running soon so please keep an eye out for us!  (that one I’ll be doing daily for sure!! with updates, videos and the whole shooting match!)


So with that I’ll send this out and I’ll be back on the new blog soon!!


Warmly, Sheila and the Gang!!!  

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She is still with me but I’m planning ahead. My Muse.

So I mentioned that my goal is to unload everything, buy a 5th wheel, pack up and paint America. I’ve got it into the Universe and I just believe it’s all working. (just wish it would go faster)

We have a hurricane going up the west side of us but the bands are dumping rain and wind where we are. It’s a good day to cuddle  the coach and figure out new marketing ideas and work on the two books I need to finish from my other two projects. One is The Project of a Lifetime…(taking a lifetime) and the other our Labraventure to Scotland last year. That is the one I concentrated on today.

I started a Club for my Painting Across America art. It will be at the start mostly from Florida and South and North Carolina but hey, that is a start. Here is the deal.  For 1 year I am offering to members 30% off any paintings regardless of size. Members will also receive, each month, one small painting from my series. They usually are 6×8 or 5×7. Easy to frame. Then personal updates on what’s happening and what I am working on. The skinny!!! How much?? zillions??? Nope…All this for a year for $50.00.

How can you sign up?? Easy.. JOIN NOW!!!  Contact me…couldn’t get the paypal thing to show up. grrr  sophie@palm-spirit.com

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Well who knew. ! But then it is only day 2 of the new year. I have made  a committment..(Oh please Universe help me with this one)

I sent out my newsletter and said I would be back doing the Weekly Not On The Blog News.  Stories of the Labs and artwork.  Allot of my clients, who are now friends, and people who have joined through my blog page. (How many blogs does this woman have???!!!)

So I completed day 2’s painting. Have to say I love it.  Did emails, newsletter, this blog, the other blog and now I am so ready for a nap, or at the very least a cup of coffee.  Oh..did I mention I also listed 9 older works on ebay? Cleaning house so to speak.  Get rid of the old and make room for the new. Someone said that..I know my mother did quite often.  More like ” Sheila will you throw that “darn” thing away!!!”

My two goofy boys. Not a day that doesn’t go by that they don’t make me roar with laughter!

Here’s the link for that blog.  http://paintingonpaper.blogspot.com/

2012 goal, to figure out how to put in links and paypal on this site. sigh….have a great night. Going off to read friends blogs now!!!

Warmly, Sheila

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It’s going to go down into the 40’s tonight and for us here in Florida that is damn cold. Oh I’m dreading our 3am run around the yard.

So I finished my painting.


6″ x 8″ Golden acrylics on RayMar canvas board. If you are interested in this artwork please go to http://www.sheilawedegis.blogspot.com

I am so back to daily painting. Off to slumberland now.

Warmly, Sheila

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I’ve been looking into WordPress .org. They have a plugin for your own auction. Hmmm. Should I? Still deciding.

So for the past few days I havbeen working on a new paper painting collage.

This is how it started.  Today I was just a little stressed so  I continued on it to finish.

Saturday is our beach day and it rained. I so look forward to sitting and reading, no dogs, no wet towels to launder, no messes, just peace and tranquility. And it rained.

Finished 12 x 12 Acrylic and Paper Collage   “HEALING”  #1

Starting a new one tomorrow unless sun appears. Oh I so hope it’s sunny.

Warmly,  Sheila

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Flying Jet Blue to and fro I was able to not only watch the news but read my book.   I have been reading The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt   Believe it or not it’s really fascinating.  One part I resonated with. The artists of that period were nomads. Wanderers who had with sheep and cattle.   I once had a reading that said I had been an artist back then.  No wonder I have such an affinity for sheep and cows.

Today was sleeping late, loving the dogs, collecting my thoughts and trying out my new kayak in the pool. Bought a box to make a makeshift easel and paper carrier for it so I’m all set.  Oh, and I did pull my right arm muscle trying to get out of the kayak onto the deck.  Oh Ben Gay!!!???!!!!

Tomorrow back to business and painting. I can hardly wait.


Warmly, Sheila

I’m sure he was one of my herd in the old days!!!  Sigh, putting my staff down for the evening and snuggling into my bedroll.  Night!



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There aren’t.  Really. I’m finding more and more the people you need in your life come into yours.

I have a new friend and Collector in England, Karen, and she sent me the nicest email today. She reads my blogs and saw that I was wondering what else I could do to get my work out there. She wrote to Alison Knox, an artist in England that paints Angels by channeling them and asked her to mention me in her monthly newsletter.  Alison said,

“You know how I love to celebrate the work of other artists, especially
> those who work from the Heart Centre. This month I have been
> introduced to the work of an amazing artist , Sheila Wedegis who
> specialises in dog portraits , although she does paint other animals
> too. Shelia donates a lot of her profits to Labrador rescue’s mainly
> in the US (but also here in the UK.) She has just been to Scotland
> helping to raise money for Labrador rescue in Scotland.
> She lives in Florida with her three labs and husband, Sheila is has a
> huge appetite for the love of life and especially for her beloved
> Labs. Anyway, her watercolours and oils are fantastic, she captures
> the essential animal perfectly. Check out her website and blog, she
> has a really engaging way of looking at her world and her work.
> http://savingalabaday.blogspot.com/
> https://swedegis.wordpress.com/
> I was made aware of her work by one of my own clients (thanks Karen
> XX) who has chosen my Hariel angel to send to her. XX”

I was so touched I could hardly speak.  Karen is also sending me Angel Hariel.

This angel protects our pets,and gives them healing.  Again, no coincidences. I have been worried about Fergus for a week now. Something has changed. He has gained weight suddenly, lethargic, still happy but just not his ol” bubbly self.  Of course I think the worst first then go to, ok  he’s panting a lot, pain? When he doesn’t want to lay in the pool and jump off I thought rear legs.  Maybe he needs some holistic pills to help with that. Or then I thought with the weight gain, Thyroid.  Then Karen emailed and told me about Hariel.

http://www.everydayangelsart.com  Alison’s website

And I’ll leave you with this 8″ x 8″ Pup   “.HEALER”   He came into the life of one of my collectors just before her beloved Lab went to the Bridge.  he has been healing her heart daily.

Warmly, Sheila

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