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My waterdog series image. 8 x 8 x 1 oil on canvas. $275.00  If you are interested please contact me.

Warmly, Sheila

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Sophie is sound asleep on her bed and snoring to beat the band. Heck..she is the band.

Today was exciting. I chatted on Facebook with Terese who owns and runs the B&B in Scotland that we go to when we visit. I asked her about a Vacation workshop that I would love to do in 2013 and could we stay there. She loves the idea and had even more thoughts of what we could do as a group. One being going to an island where Prince Charles paints for a day of painting.  That alone has me just beside myself.  If you or any one you know would like to come along, I think a group of 8 would be fun, let me know.  Her B&B is down the road abit from Castle Mey.   I’m going this May to visit friends and paint, find fun places.

Painting, not a bit today. I was out back at 6:30am having coffee in the quiet of the morning.  It was wonderful.  Asleep on the couch from 8 to 10..then out to breakfast with Roger.  Horror movies on TV with the Labs for the afternoon, then pizza and Roger for the night. Now to sleep with Sammy and Ozzie cuddling close by.  Soon Roger will join us and harmonize with Sophie in the Snoring Symphony, so I’m closing my laptop and eyes and I’ll see you outback at 6:30 am!!

Warmly, Sheila

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I am celebrating Ozzie this week by painting small acrylic pieces on watercolor paper and putting them for auction on my facebook page.


The starting bid is $49.00. I’m excited about this, small ,affordable and well painted art pieces. Yesterdays painting was won by a fellow artist whose work I love. Kimberly Santini. I often call her my mentor.


Here is the one that sold yesterday.

The one on auction now is;

It will be fun to see how I celebrate Ozzie next!!!  Have a great night,

Warmly, Sheila

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Ozzie was born on or about August 18, 2011.  There were 7  pups in the litter. Two yellows, three blacks and two chocolates. They were dumped at a kill shelter in Alabama and when Labs4Rescue  found them, they were covered with fleas and scabs, starving and filled with worms.

I had put it on Facebook that we were looking for a Chocolate boy and a friend Margo went to work. She found a few different Labs but they just were not the “One”.

Margo emailed me one night and told me about the puppies and connected me with the woman that I would eventually work with.  I didn’t want to get Roger’s hopes up so I didn’t say anything til he came home that evening. When he walked through the door he told me he saw a beautiful rainbow on the way home.  Again, no storm, no clouds. The rainbow had become  our signal from Fergus to let us know he was ok.   I then showed the photo of the Chocolate Lab puppy to Roger who shouted..”YES!!..It’s him”

We drove to Mobile to meet with Ozzie’s foster Mum and did the exchange.

I have forgotten how much like a baby they are.  Teaching them right from wrong, giving love, and making sure they have a schedule with naps.  His growth and my sanity. haha.

You will be seeing puppy art as we go along. He did make a move towards my paints and that was corrected right away. Hmm, maybe he wanted to apply for my new studio assistant position?





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Well it sure did this past week.  Fergus birthday came and went and we all survived.  We  had one other sad event with a family member but we got through that one too.

I even got back to the studio. Commissions started to pour in, seriously. I’m thrilled and flabbergasted.  I was also asked to send work to a Gallery my friend in Hendersonville,  N.C. is in and I sent some pieces there and more going for their first Friday of October. So, I’m thinking, if Fergus became a Lab angel at the Bridge  and has any influence, he’s doing a great job.

This piece is one I did the other day in between commissions. Sammy and Fergus were always together so this acrylic is titled, “Forever Friends”. You can find it on my blog.   http://www.sheilawedegis.blogspot.com   One of these days I’ll figure how to add a link. Haha.

See you all tomorrow.. Life is a hoppin’ again!!!

Warmly, Sheila

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    Cup of coffee on the back porch and suddenly the world has come alive out here. Just 15 minutes ago everything was so quiet and now the birds are chirping away, the squirrels are making their squirrel noises and the big rigs on 95 can now be heard.  And I thought this would be peaceful. Haha.

    Why am I awake this early on a Saturday morning?  About 6:45 I was wakened by a loud tapping sound coming from my side of the room. Sophie was alseep on her Roger was snoring.  Tap,tap..taptaptap, tap,taptap.  A  plastic plate was on Sophie’s bed but she was no where near it. She likes to bring things in for safe keeping.   Sophie woke up and just stared.  I went over and petted her and said “Lay down” as she put her head back on her bed pile. She got up again. I could see she was unsettled, then she walked over to Fergus crate and curled up in front of it.

    I woke Roger to tell him.  When Fergus needed my attention to go out he he would tap his toenails on the edge of my bed.  We have an iron frame 4 post bed and it would ting.  Occasionally on the door.  Sometimes a plate. 

  Was it him trying to get our attention?

   Years ago I my favorite aunt had a stroke and was hospitalized. I would get my kids up at about 6;30 am for breakfast and go downstairs in our old house to make coffee. This one morning I past the back door and as I looked at it my aunt was there as clear as if it you. Split second later she was gone. I heard later that she had passed exactly at that time.  I could go on with different stories like this that I’ve experienced but my point is..do I believe it’s Fergus tapping? Oh yes!!!

   So, Sammy just came out to get me to come back to bed so I guess I will for a bit.  I feel the depression has lifted and today may just be a productive day. I need to clear my studio so my assistant can have a good spot now that I know he’s around. 🙂

   Have a great day!!! warmly, Sheila

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I sat on the couch yesterday listening to the storm. Fergus would sit with me and cuddle when it thundered.  I cried.

Everyone is saying he’s running and playing now there. There, I just wish I knew exactly where There was.  I read tons of books about quantum physics, how we are all connected, same energy right down to our tables.  But now when it counts I have so many doubts.

Sigh, I’ll get my belief system back soon but for now I designed a small book.  It’s late now so tomorrow I will officially get it out into the world. I just love Blurb!!!

For now here are a few of the images.

         Now I can wag my tail.


and run through fields of purple flowers…

and eat all my food!!!


Til tomorrow…warmly, Sheila

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