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I am having my little notepad actually, being fixed.  It should be too me sooon!!!  It was so handy to grab it in bed and post here, or on the couch, or at my studio.  Now I have to wait for my husband to get off his computer so I can write. Oh boo hoo.

Enough of that… Let’s see, what have I been doing of late?  Doodling and making scratch marks towards a new book.  No, not the great American novel, but a retrospective of all my Lab art.  And Studio news?   Well I am working on this Lab painting.  I posted my first blog on my website about Niche marketing.  I established  myself as one 12 years ago and have a great following. Now though, I am finding it hard to jump out of that.  So, I have embraced my Lab-dom-ness…yes, that is a good word , and will continue with Labs and when I do plein aire? well you will see Labs in it!!!

I also have a newsletter on my site  www.sheilawedegis.com   So please feel free to sign up.  Up to date pics and news. Really!!! LOL


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She is still with me but I’m planning ahead. My Muse.

So I mentioned that my goal is to unload everything, buy a 5th wheel, pack up and paint America. I’ve got it into the Universe and I just believe it’s all working. (just wish it would go faster)

We have a hurricane going up the west side of us but the bands are dumping rain and wind where we are. It’s a good day to cuddle  the coach and figure out new marketing ideas and work on the two books I need to finish from my other two projects. One is The Project of a Lifetime…(taking a lifetime) and the other our Labraventure to Scotland last year. That is the one I concentrated on today.

I started a Club for my Painting Across America art. It will be at the start mostly from Florida and South and North Carolina but hey, that is a start. Here is the deal.  For 1 year I am offering to members 30% off any paintings regardless of size. Members will also receive, each month, one small painting from my series. They usually are 6×8 or 5×7. Easy to frame. Then personal updates on what’s happening and what I am working on. The skinny!!! How much?? zillions??? Nope…All this for a year for $50.00.

How can you sign up?? Easy.. JOIN NOW!!!  Contact me…couldn’t get the paypal thing to show up. grrr  sophie@palm-spirit.com

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Paper towels out the door then shredded, brushes chewed at the ends, a canvas with a huge puppy foot imbedded in it. EGADS!
I started back on ebay again selling works that have been here for over two years. Mostly Rescue work.  I put them on for next to nothing and in one day made close to $500.00. Now rethinking ebay and maybe just doing a series just for (shhhh. the money) I always do my best work so people will get a good painting and I’ll get out of debt and save for Scotland in May.!  Look for me on ebay as sophie316.

Keeping up with my painting a day..no so much this poor blog.  I;m writing everything down in a new leather bound, lime green, spiral notebook.  I’m actually keeping up with that. I even have a section entitled “Remember”  Having ADHD has it’s bonus moments. Great ideas flood in non stop, the down side??, shiny objects !  I’m easily distracted and lose my way.  So the new Lime green leather note book, and, new gel pen is working it’s magic.



DAY #9.


Have a great night!!! Warmly, Sheila


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Just laying there, snuggled under covers and a Lab curled up on my legs. That’s when it hit me, I forgot my blog.  I had been so excited to do three in a row because as you may or not know, for someone with ADHD, everything after that is usually forgotten.  sigh.

But on the happier side I an show you two paintings!!!


yes..day 5 was done previous. Long day.

Fun one tomorrow!   Warmly, Sheila


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Well who knew. ! But then it is only day 2 of the new year. I have made  a committment..(Oh please Universe help me with this one)

I sent out my newsletter and said I would be back doing the Weekly Not On The Blog News.  Stories of the Labs and artwork.  Allot of my clients, who are now friends, and people who have joined through my blog page. (How many blogs does this woman have???!!!)

So I completed day 2’s painting. Have to say I love it.  Did emails, newsletter, this blog, the other blog and now I am so ready for a nap, or at the very least a cup of coffee.  Oh..did I mention I also listed 9 older works on ebay? Cleaning house so to speak.  Get rid of the old and make room for the new. Someone said that..I know my mother did quite often.  More like ” Sheila will you throw that “darn” thing away!!!”

My two goofy boys. Not a day that doesn’t go by that they don’t make me roar with laughter!

Here’s the link for that blog.  http://paintingonpaper.blogspot.com/

2012 goal, to figure out how to put in links and paypal on this site. sigh….have a great night. Going off to read friends blogs now!!!

Warmly, Sheila

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Why are my Mondays exhausting? You’d think I was out partying all weekend.  Maybe it’s because Ozzie needs to go out three times and then get up at 5:30 am.  Tuesday just seems to flow better. Not that anything has changed with the Oz, just maybe Tuesday sounds better to me than Monday.

Off to the art store I went this morning and to Marshalls to look for a pair of boots.  Saturday night is Roger’s Christmas party and again this year it’s being held on a boat. A three hour cruise on the river with dancing and dinner. Last year we froze.  I only have open toe shoes and I’m thinking that may not work.  Every boot seems to have the 3 inch heel. Some 4″. Really?? I’m 5’10”.  I’ll look again maybe Saturday morning.  Roger suggested I wear the boots I wore to Scotland. HIKING boots??? ahhh..I don’t think they will go with dress pants.  It will be a curiosity to see what I end up wearing.

Started a new painting today late in the afternoon. I still have two commissions to finish but I just so needed to paint something just for me.


This is the beginning stages of an acrylic 6×9 painting.  Just blocking in the color, adding some dark areas and working with the light.  It will be fun to see how it comes out tomorrow.

Ok..Ozzie is asleep, Sammy now sleeps on the couch so he can have a good nights rest, helloooo,  and Sophie is on her bed snoring. I’;m going to play a hidden object game on my Kindle Fire then go to sleep before Roger comes in and takes up 3/4 ‘s of the bed.

Warmly, Sheila

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Well I succeeded in listing some paintings that I have had in my studio on my Etsy store.  If you’d like to look please go to http://www.etsy.com/sophie316


Mornings have been delightful the past few days. Ozzie wakes me up early, 5:30am.  I give him his breakfast along with the other two Labs. I then make my coffee and head out back to the far corner of the yard to sit in total peace. It stays quiet til about 7:15am.  The dogs are still sleepy so they just lay down near me.   At 7:15 birds start flying and singing. I can now hear the cars on Babcock street near us and the trucks rolling on Rt 95.  Time to start my ay in the studio.


Finished 12″ x 12″ watercolor and acrylic portrait commission. The sweet dog is at the Bridge and my client asked to put flowers around him similar to a larger painting that I had down previously. I sent her the image so I’m sure she will be pleased.

So getting work accomplished. See you tomorrow with more images.
Warmly, Sheila

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