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I Now Have a New Blog

I have been so bad and forgot that maybe someone may be actually reading here. I started a new blog and we sold our house, bought a 40′ RV, Country Coach, and now live in it full time with three dogs, learning to find my space to paint without painting the entire rv.

So, please follow us now on http://www.livingtheartistsdream.com   If it comes up chinese, someone actually has the same name, try again. lol.


Hope to see you there!!! Warmly, Sheila

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It took almost two years to recover from losing my Sophie. Who knew? About 5 months ago an artist friend asked if I was ready to take on a new dog. Dee had Lola and Lola was carrying around the tiny old dog that lived in the house and Dee was afraid Lola would hurt him. I said we’d try her out and bring her over.


Please meet Lola!!! One year old Newfoundland and quite a handful. She makes me laugh daily and made me realize how empty I had felt from loosing my Muse.  Lola gets along well with the boys, Sammy and Ozzie so life is good. Noisy at times, but good.

I’ve been doing plein air and studio paintings. You can see at http://www.sheilawedegis.com .  Then last July we traveled back to Scotland and now…(building up for the big news).. I’ll be starting a new blog about us preparing to sell everything in our house, but an RV and travel the country with Hubby, dogs and paints!! It will be “Painting Across America” . Hopefully I can get it up and running soon so please keep an eye out for us!  (that one I’ll be doing daily for sure!! with updates, videos and the whole shooting match!)


So with that I’ll send this out and I’ll be back on the new blog soon!!


Warmly, Sheila and the Gang!!!  

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30NosesTime flies…faster than ever it seems.  Grieving for Sophie took it’s toll.  Sinus infections, colds, flu…holy cow.

So let’s see. This past month I joined about 200 or more artists in a 30 day challenge. It was perfect for me to get back into the swing of things.  We were to choose a subject and do it every day. Ok..guess what I chose!  Noses!!!! Dog noses!!!

For thirty days I painted a different nose in oil on a 4×4 cradled wood board.  Some days I was right on schedule but then some days I was behind rushing to get my daily piece up onto the blog.  You can find them all on my blog… www.sheilawedegis.blogspot.com

When I finished I made a print of all 30 noses.  If you are interested in a print you can email me!

Today I resumed my waterdog series paintings. Trying to insert an image but alas, ….maybe I’ll do another post!!!



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Auspicious title don’t you say Sheila?  I suppose, but let me tell you why I say it.


  December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar and Doomsday has been the conversation in the news for the past year.  Some people believed it and prepared. Others wrote about the ascension of our consciousness. That’s the path that I seemed to feel more strongly about and read more about that.


  So, as you may know, the year ended last year as we lost our Chocolate boy Fergus to cancer then this year our sweet cat Blue. June brought the horrid news that my beloved Sophie too had cancer and I was loosing her. Our financed were being stretched but I kept going, painting and wishing.  On Sept 11, Sophie went to the Bridge and no mater how I tried I couldn’t seem to get out of my down hill spiral. My Grand Cherokee needed a new water pump, then new tires.  Every time it seemed I parked at my studio a new nail was sucked into the treads.  Then of course, bills, insurances and end of year expenses to keep afloat kept coming in..  This all accumulated in a sinus infection that wouldn’t quit.


   I need to stop grieving, I needed to get positive.  During the year I found a book about Gratitude. I wrote things that I was grateful for down in a book and life started to turn but then as I do, stopped because it was allot of work. Too much concentration.


  Christmas approaching I started to get that depression once more.  I picked up the book and started to re read. Hmm.  As I drive to the studio this past Wednesday,  I said out loud,  “I am so thankful and grateful to be seeing that beautiful water”.  I drive adjacent to the inter-coastal waterway and  for the rest of the 15 minute drive I continued talking out loud and saying all that I was thankful for!  Ok, this is where my world starts ending.  That afternoon I received a request for a commission. I was thrilled. Thursday morning I drove again bright and early repeating my gratitude’s aloud all the way. I was feeling good.  Painting non stop til the piece was down and actually shipped it to the person and I was happy again.  Said a quick gratitude for that and at 6:30 pm got a call from our vets office saying that someone had dropped off two Labrador Retriever collectible plates. They felt they had no room for them and the first person they thought of was me and would I like them. YES!  (and they are gorgeous) One is a Black and Chocolate Lab sitting together. Perfect. Gratitude.  Then, about an hour later a loud bang on the door, UPS dropping packages.  Two I expected but not the heavy third package. To my complete surprise, friends and long time Collectors, sent me a case of wine from their local winery in Missouri.  Gratitude and total surprise.


  Has it ended? The call from my last commission telling me it was fantastic made my year and off I went today to get my hair official done in a salon! Many gratitude’s spoken aloud on the way. I got home feeling happy about my new do and that the world really didn’t end and opened the mail box to find a package from Scotland!!





   My friend and also a Collector, Elaine, made this beautiful Rosette Ribbon in memory of Sophie.  Pink was Soph’s color and the Tartan is perfect since I love Scotland.  I am so very very touched. I so want to actually wear it it so beautiful!!!!


   I then started to think how wonderful I was feeling and so blessed and thought, AHA..that’s what it all means. It IS the end of one world and the beginning of a beautiful new one!! There is so much magic in the air right now and I am looking forward to a wonderful prosperous New Year with my family, my Labs, my friends and my artwork. What more could I ask for this Christmas!!


   Wishing you all the same Magic and all the same Blessings!!!! (And I think the key is saying them out loud. When I write my mind drifts..hahaha!!!)


   Warmly, Sheila


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My Weekend

Did I have one? I’m not sure.  Both days at the studio painting and trying to catch up on work. 


Well, if you lay on your side you will see what I did today.  Actually, check out My web site and you.ll see it right side up.

I’m on my couch, Roger is snoring on his, Ozzie is snugged up next to me so I think it may be time for bed.

Before though, watched a great program on endandagered turtles..may need to look into this.

Til tommorrow!!!

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  Well, my Muse Sophie went to the Bridge on 9/11/12.
As you may imagine, I was devistated.  She stopped taking her pain pill and when I started to put it in her mouth, she winced with pain.  The next day I made the call.  I never wanted her to suffer or have an awful death so it was time.  I have to say I was steel, steel until the actual injection.  I held her sweet head in my hands as she slipped away. 

So its been awhile. Tears and more tears. Pulling away from people and social events.  Painting, but it was rote. I have lost hair, lost some weight, ate way too many jelly beans, gained some weight, now have a wopping sinus infection.  Ok Sophie, my now Spirit Muse, time to stop grieving and get on.

A dear friend in England, Karen, told me her animal spirits that Soph would let me know she was ok, not by a rainbow as Fergus had, but as a dolphin.  At first I thought..hmm…we live in Florida…by the intercoastal..where Dolphins swim all the time.  How was this going to work.  I did see dolphins, but didn’t feel anything.

Getting ready to go to the studio one morning I just happened to look to the sky over my house and was about to say ” ok girl, where’s my sign?”

I’ll download it from my phone to post as,soon as my computer is fixed, but above my house was a perfectly formed cloud in the shape of a diving Dolphin.  I kid you not.  I took three shots of it before it faded.  My girl is fine and with me.

Some animals are more advanced and have a stronger connection to you.  This was my girl.  I am giving more attention to my goofy wild boy Sammy. Sophie said!! 🙂

Art wise…I started a new web site so you could see more of my work rather than just Labs. I’m hopeful the 2% will see it and just love it. 

Still working towards my goal of traveling..changed my deal for Painting Across America.  More practical.  If I give it all away I will truly be living under the bridge in a box. Lol  My new year mantra? I am a successful artist and live my dreams!!!

Let’s move on fellow friends..may we all have and live our dreams!!!!
My new web site


My studio!!!! Clean but for a few moments….lol

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Since the last time I wrote I took Sophie to the vets for what I thought was a sore foot.  She had jumped out of the back of my jeep and I thought for sure that was the problem. Same time frame as our Chocolate Lab Fergus’s diagnosis of a brain tumor last year. Sophie has Melanoma at the back of her gums. Prognosis? 2 to 6 months. 2 months would be right about when we lost Fergus last year. 

I wonder what the Universe has for us. Sophie is my Muse, the reason I paint Labs. What do I do when she goes? After the torrent of tears I stopped and needed to be her “mum”. She’s here doing well. I take her to my studio daily which she loves to do. 

We had an article written this past week about us which was fun. It.s about Sophie!  


My goals? Now, to become a damn good plein air artist, get rid of all the “stuff”, buy an RV and travel with Roger, Sammy and Ozzie. I’ll still do Lab and dog commissions but I’m feeling a change coming on.

We have a goal of a year.  So I guess this blog now will be the daily paintings and ruminations of getting ready to live a simple life and painting my way across America. 

When we moved to Florida, we had no jobs, no savings. Just enough after the sale of our condo to buy this house. Roger got a job on the last day of the month and our first mortgage payment was due. With everyone else, the economy going down took us with it putting our house underwater.  Fergus illness last year set us back a bit more but we always believe that the Universe (God) gives us what we need when we need it.  

So we “put it out there” and I have new students coming for classes and a commission to paint a mural in a bathroom.  It’s in the works! We just have to keep the faith. Now I understand what my mother meant. 

I search and research RV’s every day. We have no savings, no retirement, so the Universe has it’s work cut out. LOL. Do I believe we can do this..YES!!!

If you have any input let me know. 

Back to read about living a free life on the road!!!! 

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