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My waterdog series image. 8 x 8 x 1 oil on canvas. $275.00  If you are interested please contact me.

Warmly, Sheila

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She is still with me but I’m planning ahead. My Muse.

So I mentioned that my goal is to unload everything, buy a 5th wheel, pack up and paint America. I’ve got it into the Universe and I just believe it’s all working. (just wish it would go faster)

We have a hurricane going up the west side of us but the bands are dumping rain and wind where we are. It’s a good day to cuddle  the coach and figure out new marketing ideas and work on the two books I need to finish from my other two projects. One is The Project of a Lifetime…(taking a lifetime) and the other our Labraventure to Scotland last year. That is the one I concentrated on today.

I started a Club for my Painting Across America art. It will be at the start mostly from Florida and South and North Carolina but hey, that is a start. Here is the deal.  For 1 year I am offering to members 30% off any paintings regardless of size. Members will also receive, each month, one small painting from my series. They usually are 6×8 or 5×7. Easy to frame. Then personal updates on what’s happening and what I am working on. The skinny!!! How much?? zillions??? Nope…All this for a year for $50.00.

How can you sign up?? Easy.. JOIN NOW!!!  Contact me…couldn’t get the paypal thing to show up. grrr  sophie@palm-spirit.com

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I Had An Angel Appear

Yes I did..also a friend. Today Soph and I drove to the studio when a friend popped in to say she was bringing small canvases to goodwill, would I be interested in them? They are all under 10 x 10 and perfect for Plein air. At one time I counted over 40. I am doing a happy dance today. Sophie was peppy and happy and then the angel with a big container of canvases appeared.

Tonight I have a new student coming to sit in the class since we are finishing a painting started last week. He will start the new session next week. Wow. Is that all?? Oh no. A small paper from Tampa left a message on my phone wanting to talk about the article in the paper on Saturday of Sophie and I.

Things are starting to happen so I need to lift my feet up and go with it. So many times I want to apply brakes but not now.

Found a great site on the internet Fun Stuff about RV-ing and now Roger is excited. Seriously, look at 5th wheels. Some have kitchen islands! Roger’s dream as he is a fantastic chef!!!

Ok..need to feed the kids before I take off for class. I am working on a paintng at the studio and hopefully it will be completed tomorrow!!!

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Ok, that is bad!! But in stead of ruminating over it let’s just move on…or shake it off.!!! Don’t you just love Florence and The Machine!!! My daughter turned me on to her, them, and instantly fell in love. I play her new CD constantly while I play.

The new studio is working out fantastically!!  I go daily and paint away. I took Sophie with me one day and she loved being with me. She slid allot on the wood floors so after awhile we left and I took her to the beach. Brevard county here in Florida just agreed to open a beach for dogs. Ok, it’s like walking on the deck of a ship, a small ship.  Really small but at least we got one. The waves knocked her over. Poor girl. Her rear end is so weak. Then she got the “runs”. Thankfully I had a plastic bag as I scootched behind her picking up piles of sand.  Then we had to get up a flight of stairs. She did ok with me boosting from behind. Since then I have had her come in the pool with me. She hates it but I hold under her stomach and make her use her rear legs. The panic on her face is heartbreaking but she needs to exercise.

Of course I started a series of “nudey” paintings of Sophie at the beach. I loved how the sun hit her fur and the wind in her ears. Then I especially loved the shadows.

This one is a 12″ x 12″

Then when not doing these I am working on commissions. I started doing a daily gratitude, blessings listing. I downloaded The Magic by the author of The Secret on my Kindle and started following the 28 day program. Wow. Magic does start happening. I recommend reading this book especially if you are stuck in one spot. Even if you are not.

The next thing that was exciting that you will be seeing more is mixed media with colored pencil. I was at my studio one day and chatting and my studio mate showed me a book that she loved. Painting Radiant  in Ink,Watercolor and Colored Pencil.

Then I did..

I think I may have found my medium.  I love drawing and I love pencils!!!

So, I extended my network to include all art. artlabs.ning.com   Please pop over and see. We have been alittle quiet, big surprise lol, but I think if we can get more interest it could be a fun and interesting site.

Ok..dinner time.  Chat again soon. I’m working on a new mixed media piece. Here it is in progress.

“The Fisherman” in progress

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Holy cow the allergies are attacking us here in Florida. I thought it was me. A couple of weeks ago Roger and I went to beach side to do some photography and the wind was blowing from the ocean. My sinuses exploded and soon after came a case of laryngitis.  The cough?? Non stop.

Today I did plein air with the group and Bill was sneezing and coughing just like me.  He lives beach side.  Something  is blowing in off the ocean. Really Sheila??? No really. When we get Red Tide you can feel it right away, but it’s not time for it yet.

I’m excited today. I ‘m going to rent a small space to do my watercolors. It’s a working studio/Gallery in a house on the river.  Half a room.  It get’s me out of the house and in a fantastic area, plus other artists.  Oozing with inspiration.  I’m meeting the owner/artist on Thursday.  I feel I’ve manifested this space.  Can you feel me doing the happy dance here?? From the room my space will be in looks out to the river.


So what have I been painting?? Let’s see.

I’ve been doing  new “here’s how I do it” series.  This is where I left it last so need to get back to it.

I painted this piece with a plein air technique.  12″ x 9″ oil on canvas Masonite.  I put it on my blog but as yet it doesn’t have a new home.  I’ll take it to hang at the new space!!!!

Sophie, my black Muse, goes into the Vets tomorrow morning to have her eye taken care of.  Please special thoughts. It’s a small surgery but i still worry about my girl. She got a shower today with me.  After it was over I looked like I so needed to shave. I had dog hair from one end to the other.  Ok..that was a bad visual. haha.

Warmly, Sheila

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I have been painting ,drawing daily to put on my 365 2012 paintings a day blog.  Today is day 29.  Two have sold.

Honest time? I’m discouraged. No, confused. Then I thought, hmmm, Sheila? maybe the Universe is telling you something.  Time to expand and do your own work. Do paintings YOU love. not what you think people will buy. I will say the small artwork I have been doing is nice. Then I think, how many Lab paintings can people hang on their walls. ?

So the other day I set up my easel and painted out doors.

I so enjoyed painting this.  Acrylic on Masonite, 12 x 9.  Tuesday I will be going with a group.

Then I thought, I’m tied of doing the same thing day in .day out.  So I started a drawing of my Muse and sweet girl Sophie. It will be a continuation each day til finished for my daily painting. I love doing this. Showing the process.


So this is where I am today. To read about the process please go to


2012, a year of COURAGE for me. Roger and I are also starting a design project which we will unveil soon.

So for all my discouraging days, new things are appearing.  It’s exciting.

The two hardest jobs in my life? Raising children to be successful and great adults (They are..and I have the lines on my face to show for it) and second, being an artist and making a living solely with it. I will say I totally love both.

The Labs! They are great. Ozzie is at that stage where he knows he does not want to be in any crate. That’s a challenge. He’s still chewing and my fear is that I come home to see the couch is shreds. Then Ozzie knows if Mum has here shoes on it means she’s going out the door. Maybe just trash so it’s not alarming. Mum with shoes and purse?? Ozzie wants to go and tries to get out the door. Mum goes in another room? Ozzie comes along. Can we all say VELCRO??  I asked Roger to bond more so today he took him in the car to the Post Office.  Then after they walked around the block. Result? Ozzie started following Roger.  I take him places with me in my car.  He’s great.  Loves watching where we are going. Obedience school starts soon.  Daily obedience has already started.  Ozzie being our 4th Labrador I think I have a good feel for it now.

Well off to bed with tea and honey. Scrabble and word with friends then sleep.

Warmly, Sheila

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Why are my Mondays exhausting? You’d think I was out partying all weekend.  Maybe it’s because Ozzie needs to go out three times and then get up at 5:30 am.  Tuesday just seems to flow better. Not that anything has changed with the Oz, just maybe Tuesday sounds better to me than Monday.

Off to the art store I went this morning and to Marshalls to look for a pair of boots.  Saturday night is Roger’s Christmas party and again this year it’s being held on a boat. A three hour cruise on the river with dancing and dinner. Last year we froze.  I only have open toe shoes and I’m thinking that may not work.  Every boot seems to have the 3 inch heel. Some 4″. Really?? I’m 5’10”.  I’ll look again maybe Saturday morning.  Roger suggested I wear the boots I wore to Scotland. HIKING boots??? ahhh..I don’t think they will go with dress pants.  It will be a curiosity to see what I end up wearing.

Started a new painting today late in the afternoon. I still have two commissions to finish but I just so needed to paint something just for me.


This is the beginning stages of an acrylic 6×9 painting.  Just blocking in the color, adding some dark areas and working with the light.  It will be fun to see how it comes out tomorrow.

Ok..Ozzie is asleep, Sammy now sleeps on the couch so he can have a good nights rest, helloooo,  and Sophie is on her bed snoring. I’;m going to play a hidden object game on my Kindle Fire then go to sleep before Roger comes in and takes up 3/4 ‘s of the bed.

Warmly, Sheila

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