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I am having my little notepad actually, being fixed.  It should be too me sooon!!!  It was so handy to grab it in bed and post here, or on the couch, or at my studio.  Now I have to wait for my husband to get off his computer so I can write. Oh boo hoo.

Enough of that… Let’s see, what have I been doing of late?  Doodling and making scratch marks towards a new book.  No, not the great American novel, but a retrospective of all my Lab art.  And Studio news?   Well I am working on this Lab painting.  I posted my first blog on my website about Niche marketing.  I established  myself as one 12 years ago and have a great following. Now though, I am finding it hard to jump out of that.  So, I have embraced my Lab-dom-ness…yes, that is a good word , and will continue with Labs and when I do plein aire? well you will see Labs in it!!!

I also have a newsletter on my site  www.sheilawedegis.com   So please feel free to sign up.  Up to date pics and news. Really!!! LOL


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I am so excited. I just ordered the Sienna Podache Box, it’s tripod and the extra supply shelf that goes with it.  Thrilled. Roger has really gotten into photography and I thought, he can photograph things and I can paint.  Perfect.  I would love to do a series in maybe watercolor of our inter coastal waterways. Stretch my wings so to speak!!

I have been doing my daily paintings. whew. While working on finishing the 40 x 40’s.  I had me appointment with my Dr about focus meds so we’re trying new ones.  We’ll see how that goes. Tried it first today in the afternoon and was really focused to finish a painting that I had been struggling with.

I.m really pleased how it came out seeing I don’t have a yellow Lab. Well I guess that’s the job of an artist though isn’t it. Haha.


A quick study piece of Sammy on my red comforter.

Looking at it reminds me I’m tired so til then…have a great night…I’ll be back tomorrow..really..no..seriously…come on…;-)

Warmly, Sheila

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Another sketch…I’m laughing because  that really shouldn’t be today’s title. The title should read, “After a night of getting up 4 times I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch til 10 am only to find that Ozzie had nibbled on the cord to my netbook rendering  it inoperable and not having any funds had to ask my dear friend Ray for an advance so I could go get a new charger and then check in at AT&T because Ozzie had also chewed that wire and put a hole in the glass after which I didn’t get home til after 3;30 pm and just had time to do ANOTHER SKETCH””

He’s adorable but has gone into his teenage years.  Enough said. So tomorrow I will start his formal training.

You may find the sketch at my blog…http://www.sheilawedegis.blogspot.com


Now to sleep ..warmly, Sheila

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