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Last week a friend came to visit and brought her new 5 month old Cocker Spaniel.  Up until now Ozzie and Sammy have been connected at the proverbial hip. Enter, Artie.  Cute as a button.

Everyone sniffed, barked, growled at first then the dynamics changed. Ozzie became the big brother to Artie.  Ozzie’s appearance, as strange as that sounds, changed over night. He seemed older, more confident. They were inseparable and Sammy was lost.   That first night Sammy came into bed and rolled onto his back to sleep with his head, oh yes, on my pillow.  I crawled in, wiggling in to get a spot started to relax.  That’s when Sammy rolled and placed his head on my shoulder and his paw over the top of me.  That’s how he slept for the entire night.  I told Roger is a volcano erupted and we were suddenly  covered with lava that one day the future generations finding us would think we were into some weird stuff.

No, It was just Sammy’s sadness.  The next day Ozzie and Artie played all day and every so often Sam would try and interject himself in the group but they ignored him. Ozzie was in charge.  He’s on to being 6 months so I guess they need to rethink their relationship.

Artie left the other day and Ozzie went over to Sammy who, yes you guessed it, ignored him!

However, today, we have this!!

Life as we know it.  Maybe a rite of passage.  So, people say, dogs have no feelings, no sense. Really!.. Not what I saw this past week.  Ozzie, the young pup, carefree and insensitive and Sammy, depressed and in pain. Interesting week…and I had fun since my friend is an artist too.!

Tuesday and Plein air day… We all met at the Eau Gallie Yacht Basin and painted. Everyone faced the harbor but I faced the opposite way.. you’ll see why.


I need to finish it tomorrow but in the street a beautiful yellow dog is laying there and waiting for his master to come home. Much more interesting to me than a boat!!!   I used a palette knife with this piece and just had so much fun. I think I may be hooked!!!







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I am so excited. I just ordered the Sienna Podache Box, it’s tripod and the extra supply shelf that goes with it.  Thrilled. Roger has really gotten into photography and I thought, he can photograph things and I can paint.  Perfect.  I would love to do a series in maybe watercolor of our inter coastal waterways. Stretch my wings so to speak!!

I have been doing my daily paintings. whew. While working on finishing the 40 x 40’s.  I had me appointment with my Dr about focus meds so we’re trying new ones.  We’ll see how that goes. Tried it first today in the afternoon and was really focused to finish a painting that I had been struggling with.

I.m really pleased how it came out seeing I don’t have a yellow Lab. Well I guess that’s the job of an artist though isn’t it. Haha.


A quick study piece of Sammy on my red comforter.

Looking at it reminds me I’m tired so til then…have a great night…I’ll be back tomorrow..really..no..seriously…come on…;-)

Warmly, Sheila

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Well who knew. ! But then it is only day 2 of the new year. I have made  a committment..(Oh please Universe help me with this one)

I sent out my newsletter and said I would be back doing the Weekly Not On The Blog News.  Stories of the Labs and artwork.  Allot of my clients, who are now friends, and people who have joined through my blog page. (How many blogs does this woman have???!!!)

So I completed day 2’s painting. Have to say I love it.  Did emails, newsletter, this blog, the other blog and now I am so ready for a nap, or at the very least a cup of coffee.  Oh..did I mention I also listed 9 older works on ebay? Cleaning house so to speak.  Get rid of the old and make room for the new. Someone said that..I know my mother did quite often.  More like ” Sheila will you throw that “darn” thing away!!!”

My two goofy boys. Not a day that doesn’t go by that they don’t make me roar with laughter!

Here’s the link for that blog.  http://paintingonpaper.blogspot.com/

2012 goal, to figure out how to put in links and paypal on this site. sigh….have a great night. Going off to read friends blogs now!!!

Warmly, Sheila

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As if we needed extra energy with Sammy and Ozzie. Holy cow. I’m on the couch, feet up on the ottoman trying to drink my morning coffee and Oz and Sammy are zooming back and forth. First outside in a mad dash, wrestle, then fly back in, jumping onto the red chaise sending it sidewards sliding on the tile floor.  They do it in silence which always amazes me.

Growing up I always dreamed of this beautiful house with huge windows, flowing curtains and white furniture.  Of course Labradors weren’t in that dream then.  We had a Cocker Spaniel .   And now, needless to say, we do not have long flowing curtains nor white furniture.  Within seconds my white shirts


Needless to say I was thrilled when this one sold right away.  Sammy and Ozzie. 25% of the sale went to Labs4Rescue, the organization that we adopted Ozzie from.


Oh yes, it’s Ozzie.  He’s all arms and legs, sliding under the bushes.  Life Lesson of the day….we need to live life like a Lab!!!!

This piece can be found on my blog. http://www.sheilawedegis.blogspot.com

And just so you know, I wouldn’t change a thing for white furniture!!

Warmly, Sheila





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Why are my Mondays exhausting? You’d think I was out partying all weekend.  Maybe it’s because Ozzie needs to go out three times and then get up at 5:30 am.  Tuesday just seems to flow better. Not that anything has changed with the Oz, just maybe Tuesday sounds better to me than Monday.

Off to the art store I went this morning and to Marshalls to look for a pair of boots.  Saturday night is Roger’s Christmas party and again this year it’s being held on a boat. A three hour cruise on the river with dancing and dinner. Last year we froze.  I only have open toe shoes and I’m thinking that may not work.  Every boot seems to have the 3 inch heel. Some 4″. Really?? I’m 5’10”.  I’ll look again maybe Saturday morning.  Roger suggested I wear the boots I wore to Scotland. HIKING boots??? ahhh..I don’t think they will go with dress pants.  It will be a curiosity to see what I end up wearing.

Started a new painting today late in the afternoon. I still have two commissions to finish but I just so needed to paint something just for me.


This is the beginning stages of an acrylic 6×9 painting.  Just blocking in the color, adding some dark areas and working with the light.  It will be fun to see how it comes out tomorrow.

Ok..Ozzie is asleep, Sammy now sleeps on the couch so he can have a good nights rest, helloooo,  and Sophie is on her bed snoring. I’;m going to play a hidden object game on my Kindle Fire then go to sleep before Roger comes in and takes up 3/4 ‘s of the bed.

Warmly, Sheila

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Sophie is sound asleep on her bed and snoring to beat the band. Heck..she is the band.

Today was exciting. I chatted on Facebook with Terese who owns and runs the B&B in Scotland that we go to when we visit. I asked her about a Vacation workshop that I would love to do in 2013 and could we stay there. She loves the idea and had even more thoughts of what we could do as a group. One being going to an island where Prince Charles paints for a day of painting.  That alone has me just beside myself.  If you or any one you know would like to come along, I think a group of 8 would be fun, let me know.  Her B&B is down the road abit from Castle Mey.   I’m going this May to visit friends and paint, find fun places.

Painting, not a bit today. I was out back at 6:30am having coffee in the quiet of the morning.  It was wonderful.  Asleep on the couch from 8 to 10..then out to breakfast with Roger.  Horror movies on TV with the Labs for the afternoon, then pizza and Roger for the night. Now to sleep with Sammy and Ozzie cuddling close by.  Soon Roger will join us and harmonize with Sophie in the Snoring Symphony, so I’m closing my laptop and eyes and I’ll see you outback at 6:30 am!!

Warmly, Sheila

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Finally, I’m getting a rhythm to my day.  I am actually fitting in commissions, playing with Labs, creating new work and..resting.  Could it really be all this easy??

I finished a portrait of a baby. I may have mentioned I actually painted it up side down so I would see just space and form.  The Mum loves it and plans to give it as a gift for Christmas to Dad.

Gemma. She lives in Germany and I’m pleased how she came out.

My next fun thing today was my experimental work with collage and Acrylic paint. I also add fabric gel.  The final look is that it all seems to be paper.

If I find where I placed my battery charger for my camera I’ll take a better photo of this.  It is 28″ x 24″ on 1/2″ plywood.  I gesso the board to seal it first then do my drawing.  I’ll paint paper with acrylic paint in the tones I will be using then just have fun.  Let me know what you think.  I may also seal this with resin and maybe see how it would fair as my first outdoor art piece. hmm. Let you know.

Ozzie is alseep, Sammy too so I’ll do my scrabble game then off to sleep!

Warmly, Sheila

PS, Sophie is in the other room waiting for Roger. She will paw at his office door til he comes to bed. 🙂



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