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I am having my little notepad actually, being fixed.  It should be too me sooon!!!  It was so handy to grab it in bed and post here, or on the couch, or at my studio.  Now I have to wait for my husband to get off his computer so I can write. Oh boo hoo.

Enough of that… Let’s see, what have I been doing of late?  Doodling and making scratch marks towards a new book.  No, not the great American novel, but a retrospective of all my Lab art.  And Studio news?   Well I am working on this Lab painting.  I posted my first blog on my website about Niche marketing.  I established  myself as one 12 years ago and have a great following. Now though, I am finding it hard to jump out of that.  So, I have embraced my Lab-dom-ness…yes, that is a good word , and will continue with Labs and when I do plein aire? well you will see Labs in it!!!

I also have a newsletter on my site  www.sheilawedegis.com   So please feel free to sign up.  Up to date pics and news. Really!!! LOL


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A real rock star??? Well…sort of.  About a month ago I got an email from Ormond Memorial Museum of Art asking me, inviting me, to be part of their “Dog Days of Summer” exhibition!  Seriously???

I sent in a few images and 4 were chosen.  I was floored. That’s when my studio mates started calling me a Rock Star!!  A Museum asked me to be one of their 12 artists. Needless to say I was thrilled, AM thrilled. It hangs til August 19.

This past Friday night was the opening reception.  What to wear??? First I tried on a black shirt with frills and said, “ahhh. No”  I was beyond frillies. Then, a pair of white linen pants that I have never worn. They fit! I put on a white blouse, sheer and flowy, and thought, ahhhh, maybe.  Then I went on a search of long flowy skirts even though my closet is filled with long flowy skirts. I needed the perfect one for this opening.

The Labs? They sat on the bed watching. Ozzie, our youngest, chewed through the strap of one of my shirts and ended it’s run in the outfit race.

Thursday I had now clue what I was going to wear. I made long earrings from aluminum wire in the shape of a Lab and there I had my ear attire.  A scarf, silk, made on Spoonflower.com from one of my paintings was a definite. Two items ready.

I came home early from the studio and stopped at Marshals and as I walked in saw my perfect skirt. Long, black and tan stripes. Next I picked up a black top and a long SAC black bag and I had it!!!

I need to find an image of the whole getup!!   I was on a high!!! ROCK STAR!!!!!

The reception was great, people were fantastic and there were many!!! The Museum paid for a room at a wonderful resort right on the ocean and we had wine flowing.  Saturday, then we drove home to waving, leaping, wagging Labs.

Now back to the studio! My mates are great, still cheering, but where are the throngs? Why am I still needing to do laundry? Shouldn’t I be able to fly off in a Lear Jet to be with the fans?? What happened to the Paparazzi???  Ahhh…I see.

Reality…my life…I’m back. Don’t get me wrong..I’m loving it.  Rock Stars are just regular people.  So off I went to get 7 mixed media pieces framed and got a great deal. We are all getting ready for our Open House at our Studio and Gallery.  We are also putting together a blog where you can see all the art from our artists so as soon as that is finished I’ll post.

Off to feed the Lab!!! Oh wait…I hear them cheering!!!!! I guess I still am a rock star!!!!!

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