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My waterdog series image. 8 x 8 x 1 oil on canvas. $275.00  If you are interested please contact me.

Warmly, Sheila

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30NosesTime flies…faster than ever it seems.  Grieving for Sophie took it’s toll.  Sinus infections, colds, flu…holy cow.

So let’s see. This past month I joined about 200 or more artists in a 30 day challenge. It was perfect for me to get back into the swing of things.  We were to choose a subject and do it every day. Ok..guess what I chose!  Noses!!!! Dog noses!!!

For thirty days I painted a different nose in oil on a 4×4 cradled wood board.  Some days I was right on schedule but then some days I was behind rushing to get my daily piece up onto the blog.  You can find them all on my blog… www.sheilawedegis.blogspot.com

When I finished I made a print of all 30 noses.  If you are interested in a print you can email me!

Today I resumed my waterdog series paintings. Trying to insert an image but alas, ….maybe I’ll do another post!!!



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Last week a friend came to visit and brought her new 5 month old Cocker Spaniel.  Up until now Ozzie and Sammy have been connected at the proverbial hip. Enter, Artie.  Cute as a button.

Everyone sniffed, barked, growled at first then the dynamics changed. Ozzie became the big brother to Artie.  Ozzie’s appearance, as strange as that sounds, changed over night. He seemed older, more confident. They were inseparable and Sammy was lost.   That first night Sammy came into bed and rolled onto his back to sleep with his head, oh yes, on my pillow.  I crawled in, wiggling in to get a spot started to relax.  That’s when Sammy rolled and placed his head on my shoulder and his paw over the top of me.  That’s how he slept for the entire night.  I told Roger is a volcano erupted and we were suddenly  covered with lava that one day the future generations finding us would think we were into some weird stuff.

No, It was just Sammy’s sadness.  The next day Ozzie and Artie played all day and every so often Sam would try and interject himself in the group but they ignored him. Ozzie was in charge.  He’s on to being 6 months so I guess they need to rethink their relationship.

Artie left the other day and Ozzie went over to Sammy who, yes you guessed it, ignored him!

However, today, we have this!!

Life as we know it.  Maybe a rite of passage.  So, people say, dogs have no feelings, no sense. Really!.. Not what I saw this past week.  Ozzie, the young pup, carefree and insensitive and Sammy, depressed and in pain. Interesting week…and I had fun since my friend is an artist too.!

Tuesday and Plein air day… We all met at the Eau Gallie Yacht Basin and painted. Everyone faced the harbor but I faced the opposite way.. you’ll see why.


I need to finish it tomorrow but in the street a beautiful yellow dog is laying there and waiting for his master to come home. Much more interesting to me than a boat!!!   I used a palette knife with this piece and just had so much fun. I think I may be hooked!!!







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Today I joined the Plein air group here in our area. They meet once  week at a different location and we paint.

Today was at the park by the Causeway Bridge at the Inter-coastal waterway. About 7 artists in various spots around the park. I chose a spot near the water and started to paint a small area rather than a scene. Suddenly a beautiful white Crane flew in and stood on a rock right in front of me.  I grabbed a small brush and got him right into the painting before he flew away. He turned first and stared at me, turned again and relieved himself, then flew.


I painted the panel first with a thin coating of red/orange acrylic so as I glazed the color would shine through. I was pleased with the first oil in a while.

I was so excited about being with other artists, I tend to be a hermit, painting and being outdoors that I put my setup in the back yard and painted again. This time with a painting knife.

My backyard at 5pm with Labs running amok.  The Bougainvillea grows up and over the roof and out front the tallest palm ever.  The yellow lemons and a huge Bird of Paradise to the right.  12″ x 9″ on stretched canvas.

Well I feel successful tonight. A good day!!!

Warmly, Sheila

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Sounds philosophical doesn’t it.  I do look at the big picture most of the time, but in this case, I finished painting the big picture.

A client wanted a painting of her two dogs. A German Shepard and a Lab.  She thought at first 16 x 20.   I asked her if she planned on framing it or would she like a 2″ deep Gallery wrap canvas.  I took a photo of a 30 x 30 painting  that was on my wall and sent it to her to show her the sides.  Well, she wanted that size.  How much?  And what do you need for a deposit.

And yes I was thrilled about the size since I love painting large.  25% of the total will go to Brookline Lab Rescue so it’s a win-win situation all around.

  Oil on Canvas Gallerywrap

and she LOVES it!!!

Warmly, Sheila

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For the past few days I  have been framing, wiring and wrapping art to ship to North Carolina to the Brightwater Gallery.  I’m so excited.  I haven’t done this much preparation since I was out doing shows.

Four more pieces went today and I spent the rest of the day trying to pick up after my mess.  Holy cow. To find scissors at one point I was lifting a pan and a pair of shoes off the counter.  Clean counter tonight and I found not one but two pairs of scissors!!

The framer I go to sometimes has surplus frames. I found one last week. Gold with a greenish inlay and long. I had to have it. It had a ding in the moulding.  I was a framer for three years up in Portsmouth, NH.  I knew if I put water on the spot where it was “damaged” I might be able to get the wood to swell and repair itself. It did.  It works well with softer woods.

The art work was from a group painting of the same photo. I chose to paint his legs to show the speed. Surprisingly it fit into the frame. Kismet!  Off to the Gallery next week!!!

Warmly, Sheila

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It’s a good start to the week!!!  Chatted with one artist friend, quick email to another. I felt good today, positive and upbeat. Nothing like getting into the fresh air and being active to give you a new perspective on life.  Funny, I even see the Labs reacting to my moods. They do you know. Little mirror images. Today was all wagging tails.
Not sure how my marketing will go this week…not sure if I’ll even worry about it. Just paint and be happy is my motto.

Worked on my horse painting.  No picture of it today . I actually worked til 7 pm. I  will however show you one I finished for a client.  Very pleased with the result.

12″ square on canvas.

Well off to sleep, another good day tomorrow.  I have a list of work to get done.

Have a great night. Warmly, Sheila


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