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My waterdog series image. 8 x 8 x 1 oil on canvas. $275.00  If you are interested please contact me.

Warmly, Sheila

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We recently found a great RV place near us. Larry, the owner, finds used RV’s of all sorts, refurbishes them and sells them at reasonable prices.

Today we went to look at Class C, truck and living all in one ,and 5th wheels, a long large rig pulled by a truck.  It was great going in them all. One 5th wheel rig was about 37′ long but had everything one could want. Stairs to the bedroom, washer/dryer, queen size bed with closets and bureaus. Oh..shower!!!!  “Downstairs” had a couch, two comfy recliners, a great kitchen and loads of windows.  We did find out a lot of state parks would not let us in. Too long.

Class C vehicles were really nice but with Labs not enough room.  At least for us.  I need a space to sit and work or chill.  So we then looked at a 33′ rig. The layout  was interesting. Bedroom in front and “upstairs” then the living area with kitchen. In the back there was another room with a door that could be a room for company or a computer area.  I think I really like an open concept.

As we were leaving, Larry said he’d really like to see my artwork and,or, have it hanging for sale in his office. LIGHTBULB moment.

I came home and  got “paintingacrossAmerica.com” as my domain name and now trying to figure out how to do a new blog here with that domain and put art up as we go..or prepare..to go.  I will admit it’s scary to think we wouldn’t have a solid “house” but then the other side is, no lawn to mow, I could still have flowers, no outrageous repairs, but we will have some, no pool to keep clean, we’ll have mountain streams and rivers…crazy neighbors?? we can drive away.

Larry’s business is booming. Hmm. I think the baby boomer generation has decided to finally “drop out” and enjoy once more what we thought life would be like. I’m excited.

I’ll let you know when I get the new blog going…of course it will be small Florida paintings to start..lol…

Before I go..I have been doing acrylic painting again since I have more students coming to my studio. This is an 18 x18 . Hope you like it.

$725.00 framed   Contact me at sophie@palm-spirit.com   Shipping included.

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Wow!!!! Day 1. Now what. What can I do to keep my art in front of the people, fun art, easily purchasable. (If that’s a word) affordable and my Passion stays alive as well as my business?

I chatted with friends, other artists today who are also feeling the crunch.  I’ve tried 9-5 jobs and always ended up leaving or being let go. I chose jobs that I   could be the best at in the least amount of time then became bored, then angry because I wasn’t doing art.  It’s similar to an addict I would think.  You  HAVE to paint or do something creative.

So today I started The 325 Paintings Goal of 2012.  Sat myself down and painted a 6″x8″ panel ,started a new blog then posted it.  The sized will range from 6×8 to 6×6, 4×6, and 5 x7. They will be different subject matter or just Labs depending on my mood. The price will be 100.00 and free shipping to anywhere in the world. I’m excited and nervous.  With ADHD I have a tough time completing things and this will take focus.  If you believe in me CLAP!!!  (Shades of Peter Pan)

Anyway, here is the first of 365 and now 364 to go

6″ x 8″ acrylic on RayMar canvas panel. To find this you can go to:


Now let’s see if I can post everyday. 🙂

Happy New Year!!!! The very best is yet to come.

Warmly, Sheila

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He’s such a character. Loving ,sweet and flopping around beside me now as I try to write.

So I’ll just post my latest painting of him and you can see how he is getting along.

“The Green Ball”

10″ x 8″ Golden Open Acrylics

Have a great night. warmly, Sheila

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When Roger comes home during the warmer months we head for the pool to play keep away with the Labs.   This year Sophie had two bouts of skin issues and had to go on Prednisone.  It may be a great medicine for infections but it does a real job on her.  She becomes extremely lethargic and her rear leg muscles start to waste.  Sophie has gone on a few walks at night with Roger and Fergus, our chocolate Lab, and has either wanted to come home or actually made the two mile trek.

We all jumped into the pool. Sammy, the youngest and is totally ball fixated, goes insane until we throw the ball. The games begin. Fergus then jumped in and together they swim  trying to catch the ball as we throw it back and forth.  Last summer, Sophie who stands on the edge barking commands, would come in to play but today no.  You could see she was really afraid.  When I come into the pool she would join me but again, not today.  Her rear leg muscles are hardly there.  I know she’s 11 but still, she should be able to have fun with us.

Last year I bought her a life preserver. Bright yellow.  “Sophie, come get your jacket on”  She gave me that “oh I don’t think so” look.  I put it on her, she’s so good.., then, with the handle, led her into the pool.   It took a couple of times in and out but finally she started to use her back legs.  After the third swim I called it a success and let her go. We’ll do it again tomorrow.  I did notice that when I took my shower she was avoiding my vision. LOL

Painting was fun today.  8″ square watercolor and gouache. I’m getting my energy back.


It goes to one of my favorite collectors.   Today I also loaded images on my Fine Art America site.


A great place to get cards and prints on canvas or paper.  Check it out.

Thanks and see you tomorrow!

Warmly, Sheila



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   Ibelong to an online Gallery. Fine Art America. One can upload their artwork photos and put in the price they wish to sell it for. Choices include  prints on canvas and on paper. For a small $30.00 a year FAA will print  and ship or if the customer wishes, mat and fame the piece.  You will get a perccentage of those services.  It’s a fantastic opportunity but of course one must constantly be marketing.  I have done ok but I could do better with a little bit more savy.  I’ll work on it.

   Yesterday I recieved email from FAA saying I had 4 orders in.  Two of these had to be reshot by me due to blurry edges before they could produce the prints.  Well, both originals had been sold already so now what was I t o do.  On one image I had a large print so I reshot it with our new Canon D60.  I uploaded the image  and FAA emailed to say it would be ok because the customer just wanted a card of that one. Whew. The other image was called “Snow Boy”. A black Lab in the snow, his snout totally covered in the white cold substance. LOL

   Well I aim to please so todayI repainted ‘Snow Boy ‘in Golden Open Acrylics.   I didn’t  need it dry to photograph and I was thrilled with the resolution. 

    The end of the day and time for sleep. All is well with the art world here tonight.  Warmly, Sheila

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